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October 17, 2006



Erk. just coy the url and have a look. what coding do u use to insert images in typepad?



It's noticeable that [edit], of Barry, South Wales, has had many complaints regarding innappropriate [edit].
The fact that he is director of a Young People's Christian charity called [edit] is even more alarming.

My advice would be to stay away from [edit] or other events run by [edit] and to send any complaints to the South Wales Police.


I've had a proud tradition on this blog of never editing comments unless they are obvious spam. But I've decided to [edit] the above as, regardless of how 'dirty' we might like this place to be, it's not a place to post unsubstantiated claims against people.

So, sorry GS, it's not I don't take them seriously or want to sweep stuff away, but this ain't the forum.

That said, there are forums to deal with and flag up cases of abuse, so please DO use them and don't let things be left undealtwith.

I hope you respect that. If you have any questions or want being put in touch with someone you can email me.

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