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August 13, 2006


Mike R

Shouldn't you change the name from "Soliton" to "Cannonball Run"?

gareth higgins

hey man - glad you were allowed to read on the plane - and great to be with you at soliton - look forward to greenbelt and the aa milne experience.


Cannonball Run is not far off actually!

Hope you have a good trip too G-Bear. You would not believe this - I seriously do not lie - the pilot actually said "I apologise for this flight being ontimely challenged." I nearly choked on my tomato juice ;-)


kester - looks like i was landing in Los Angeles when you were leaving. sorry to have missed you and was looking for a reunion of celtic sessions over my bottle of bushmills. (pictures to come soon) may be awhile before i see you again. wish you well and enjoy the next few weeks.

suzanna Bond

You made it home safely I expect. Simon really is a hobbit going to his shire; you're both dwarfed by that truck.
Loved watching you make a connection with us as you shared on Saturday afternoon. I could see you shining through your screen of skin. I have a feeling your novel may be more than therapy. It was good to meet you @ Soliton.


SUV-gate. Control your media— you've only gone and documented it yourself!

Are you fucked in the head? To quote someone we all know: 'How far into the temple have you gone'?

This ones coming back to haunt you !-)



How dyslexic am I?

Ryan Myers

Kester, thanks for sharing at Soliton. Was good to meet you.

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