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July 09, 2006


Dana Ames


Brian LePort

Too funny! Great post.

bob c

lightbulbs ? let's look at the socket, kester, and reimagine the core need for light.

Andrew Dowsett

So its not just me who gets porn site trackbacks? I knew it!


One more laughing hard...


One more to pile on late and thank you for the good laugh! Blessings, -bill


what light?

Martin Eyles


However, you forgot the blogger moaning about their spam, and the 1 person to tell them how to turn word verification on.


NVG. A brother don't leave home without his NVG. So who needs bulbs?

If plant a lightbulb, 1. do the worm see better and 2. will the result be a light tree, vine or bush? Perhaps it's what Moses saw?

Burn Bush? Well, if you insist... get yo NVG and AKs homies we off ta DC.


And 1 to comment on how nobody should try and adopt this method of changing a light bulb because it is totally contextual to their community and would lose all of its authenticity if it was imported.


There is a light bulb joke for every tye of person in society, and it's about bloody time EC bloggers got their comeuppance! Brilliant!

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