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May 07, 2006



t'was great.
stumbled across the giant urn, smoke bellowing after its heavy landing on waterloo place, on thursday evening.

heard some guys from the midlands on the tube today.
talking about huge london is, comparing the lenghts of journeys and how far from home that would take them in their home town. then went on to say that they couldnt understand it when people said that they liked london, liked living in london, that london is so varied that when people say they like london which bit of london are they saying they like.
kinda thought that they had missed the point.
perhaps its the scale and its huge variety and diversity that we love.
and that there is so much going on, far more than we'll ever see, indeed far more than we'll even hear of... exhibitions, gigs, lectures, markets, mayhem, but its not always that we 'make the most of it', but thats its there. didnt see todays carnival, the giant elephant, was eating freshly baked scones in hackney, but love that it was here.

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