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May 23, 2006


Jonathan Erdman

Good post. Thanks for the insight into these time periods.

It certainly seems to be the case that the poor and weak are exploited whenever there is opportunity. If the church were on guard during these time periods then I think that it would go a long way towards reforms....

It also makes me think that many developed nations are actually very spoiled. In the U.S. it seems like workers and unions and politicians are always crying out "foul!" for things like health care, etc. And we are suppossed to think that we are exploited because we don't have all kinds of benefits. Your post reminds us all of what real exploitation is.


A few points here, maybe....

The exploitation then was of our own people; our country (and others like us) now tend to rely on the exploitation of other countries. This suggests to me that the exploitation of miners (both meanings) has not ended, but shifted. Its range and demand is so great, it requires that we exploit whole nations instead of (or aswell as) our own. And so, the damage we create is now relocated... to the poor old penguins and the *Ethnopians*.

If we find alien life,maybe humanity will be truly free while we turn their planet into our new *third world*.

Is it our nature to exploit? No, it's our convenience.

We are no better than an SMT. I often see managers in my school only asking the people they know who will say yes to them for favours. These people are put into the most ludicrous situations with no notice because a manager doesn't realise that their responsibility is to respect and protect those who could be abused, rather than take advantage of them or endorse their responses.

Jesus said that we would always have the Poor. Not that we will always have the abused. I for one often mistake one for another.


So if we found alien life, would it be ethical to exploit them?


How do we exploit the billowing-cloud-fish of Spartus 4?

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