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May 03, 2006



Thanks for you interesting thoughts - always a challenging subject, both in the sense of what we persue as Christians and how we reach out to others.

One thing, I don't seem to be able to find the bbc article, the link goes to a search, and there aren't any results which quite match up to what you have written.


I love how you connect the beatitudes with happiness and the engagement of the other. I have not seen this connection before. Perhaps this means that the more we give, the happier we will be. This definitely runs counter to my American culture where instead of taxing the rich more we give them tax cuts; where so much pressure is placed on the indivudual to meet the "american dream" which says that if we strive for money and power we will be happy. This always leads to an individualism that has no relationship with anyone, let alone the "other". Great thoughts Kester.

I also cant get the link you set up to the BBC article.


Sorry - the BBC piece is a little a/v clip. Click the link and then the piece is linked to on the right, under a red banner.

The other side of this is whether churches ought to be aiming to make people happy, or doing something else...

Is the gospel just about increasing happiness? If not, what else is it, and does this have anything to say about what else society might aim at? If the happiness gospel is about interdependent well being of me and 'the other', then I'm happy with that. If it's just about me being saved, me getting healed, me becoming rich, that sucks.

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