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April 18, 2006


Jamie Arpin-Ricci

Simply excellent! Well said. Similar issues are raised in Canada. There needs to be a book about this. I have considered such a project, but I need to finish my current project first. Perhaps a collaboration...



I know I'm an idiot, but I've never understood why people get all upset about so-called foriegners. I mean, from my point of view, the UK has ALWAYS been multi-cultural. Most of the Asian and Chinese people I meet were born in my city, so in my books that makes 'em British. OK, many Africans aren't... as for the Europeans; well, we are part of Thatchers Europe after all...(?)

A taxi-driver was spouted some racism gubbins a few days back, but i realised that he was old, like 50 or something, and so he actually remembers a time when all you ever saw was white people... how weird would that be? So, from his perspective there has been an invasion of sorts by non-UKkers; but how many of us Brits are actually from these parts anyway? I know I'm more Scottish, Irish and Norwegian than UKker.

I still see a nation with more to give than to lose... it's just badly managed. Perhaps if we reduce the National Lottery Draw to needing, say, 1 number? That should even things up a bit!!!!

Damn white people. Go back to your own countries!!


Jamie, you SERIOUSLY think I'd consider collaborating on a book with a freaking CANADIAN?!

Lol, dead right - I'm actually thinking about plotting a book based on reflections on 'the other'.... Kind of 'A Complex Faith'. How long before you finish on your current project?

And I always knew you were mud-blood DF. I'm at least quarter Scot. The mean quarter, that can't resist whiskey ;-)


In terms of electoral politics, the BNP tactics would appear to be no more than a vote-catching exercise, cynically exploiting the racialism of white communities in the inner city. Their history however is not of tricksters but of racist thugs whose desired conclusion is compulsory repatriation or the final solution provided by fascism.

It is true that successive British governments have used Nationality Laws and Immigration Acts to adjust the intake of labour into Britain, it is also true that there has been insufficient resource put into education to 'bring the people with them'. The response of the VAST majority however has not been to support the NF/BNP and is extremely worrying if the statistic given at the top is valid.

I agree strongly with your final paragraph. The emerging church clearly has a role to play in reaching out to inner city communities with a message of hope, tolerance and love. It must also make a stand and be very clear that there are hands it will not shake and compromises it will not make.

Jamie Arpin-Ricci


You think that's bad? I am actually dual Canadian/American citizen, and my Canadian half is largely FRENCH Canadian! Now you'll have to block my comments for sure!

As for my current project, I have computer meltdown in which my entire manuscript and all my notes disappeared forever. My backup? Corrupted. So, I am jsut at the beginning of the rewrite, but am considering putting it aside for now. The crash was very discouraging.

I look forward to what you write!



Arghh! That is horrific. So sorry. I actually have a private blog which I use as back-up. Every change I upload the new version. I just hope Typepad, my iPod, the f/w external hard drive, my iBook and my desktop and the DVD Rom don't all go down at once. And, yes, I AM paranoid ;-)
Just hope it's worth saving once it's finished...


For good reason, my external HDD blew the hell up and i lost everything i ever did.


Graham Doel

I just installed PHPmybackuppro. Everyday I get my blog, study notes and sermon notes e.mailed to me. It makes me feel so much safer!

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