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April 04, 2006



this is amazing! i think god is really into "re" - re-duce, re-use, re-cycle, re-deem, re-invent - it's the re that redeems - thanks for sharing your corner of the world with us! enjoy the fruits of your labours!


isn't that middle age? ;-)


sounds great kester - looking forward to sampling some veg and fruit...

maybe you should do organic delivery boxes at greenbelt ;-)


Yes Jonny, it is ;-)

Growing into it gracefully. Ooh ah. Etc.

Now, where's my slippers?


i confess i am also spending the week gardening...


Welcome to the 'New Urban Peasantry'


"New Urban Peasantry'. Nice. You know it's good Jonny. Nothing like soil for the soul.

Just been on school trip to Museum of London. Fine exhibition on Satire aside, I got talking to an historian about why the Dark Ages happened. Once the Romans left, everything was forgotten. Why? Their answer was interesting: security. Because towns were sitting ducks for pillagers (read terrorists?) people dispersed back into the countryside, and thus specialisms were lost or forgotten.

While this is clearly not going to happen again, it's a nice feeling rediscovering the skills of growing stuff. Very 'right'.


No Kes. Jonny's doing the 'gardening'. Nic's doing the 'peasantry'. Not familiar with blogs?! !-)


You're clearly not.

Ambiguous sequiturs are fine.

I know what I mean, and you can't tell.


you know there's the possibility of getting a shed for worship at GB - seems like this could suit you guys... contact gayle if interested


Sounds like a good idea.

Question is, could we use it sell our produce without GB raking 20% ;-)

Commerce meets worship... Right up your street Jonny!


'what do you mean?'
El Guapo- three amigos

l arginine

God is really good. He still did took care of people's lives.

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