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April 19, 2006


Mike R

Yeh, but for me, this is arse-about-face.

Absolute truth, if I can use your terminology, is something we arrive at, or discover by means of interaction. We start with our own personal narratives, we use a blunt instrument like language to put that narrative across, and we make some realisations about absolute truth.

I think its too easy to confuse the "sein" with absolute truth, which is something that isn't necessarily being said here, but is said all too often elsewhere.


That old chestnut- no one has defined their terms. We could be arguing the same thing? We probably are.

I’d agree with that. You’re implying it’s a social construct.

Good point about ‘sein’ or ‘haeccity’. If I understand it, that’s what I react against. That there is some sort of pre-ordained meaning, rules of engagement or ‘isness’- a divine database with tags that define ‘wrong’ and ‘right’ usage. Any illegal use (which I love) automatically stands outside the official cannon, rendering it relative. This is why I don’t understand the notion of absolute with all its borders and restraints. It’s the space of the ‘bottom-inspectors’ and the elites- nothing like a good hierarchy.


I was close to commenting, but then realised I didn't understand the questions, the points, the language or the point.

I say in absolute truth.


pete rollins book (which isn't out yet but will be shortly) 'how (not) to speak of god' is going to be a great addition to this conversation methinks...

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