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March 17, 2006



unfortunately didn't see the program - but I imagine it will come round again on one of the E4 channels...

I particularly like your reading of Jesus' words 'it is finished'. Against the idea of them being a 'brave act of self-determination' rather than Jesus being defeated by the pain and agony placed upon his body. Choosing death even in those final moments rather than succumbing to it.


Jason Clark

What a beautiful and moving reflection, thank you Kester.


I think at least some people who have their faculties and are dying from "natural causes" choose the moment of their death. My mother died of heart failure in November 2003 in Arizona. My sister and I live in California. I saw my mom for the last time a week before she went to hospital, and my sister saw her for the last time three days before she died. We all knew she was dying and probably had no more than a couple of weeks left; my sister and I hoped that the medical staff would alert us and we would have time to get back there and be with her when she passed. It was not to be- I think she decided that since she had just seen us, and she knew the end was near, she was simply ready and released herself to God. I've heard of other people doing similar things. I don't think that's too far removed from the falling man.


Bob C

I emailed some with Junod after the piece first ran. He was struck by how verboten it was to even discuss this.


Interesting connect Dana - and I'd agree. What worries me is that the medical establishment, and perhaps my relatives, might not. People talk about living forever; it scares the crap out of me to think that I might be kept alive artificially, with no control left over my endings or new beginnings. I'm not pro-euthanasia as such, but I do think self determination in the face of death is a powerful thing.

Bob - that's fascinating. Be interested to hear what he had to say...

Chadwick Seagraves

I am struck by how much this image is like the Tarot Trump card titled the "Hanged Man". "We "control" by letting go - we "win" by surrendering".


Even Jesus, when faced with many hours in agony on the cross had a way out, and he took it. He asked for and was given a drink knowing he would be unable to swallow the liquid and would choke to death in only a very short time. The jumpers made the same choice and who can blame them?

Nike Jordan

As empty vessels make the loudest sound, so they that have least with are the greatest babblers. Do you think so?

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