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March 14, 2006


Benjamin Sternke

I have not seen the movie. This is an interesting comment. Care to expand? (The body of the post has no words; I'm assuming this was intentional).

Jamie Arpin-Ricci

LMAO! Enough said.

Bob C

saw it with my 9 year old

we walked out

i apologized to her


Who on earth thought that Steve Martin would do the role justice? Steve needs to be shot or just go with his lack of presence and take the piss outta himself like Bill Murray does - respect to BM, BTW!!!


Solid move Bob. I've not seen it, and have no intention of doing so. Talking with Gareth Higgins last night, who knows a thing or two about movies (though not enough to coin us some beer money from the quiz machine) we concluded:

1. Steve Martin is rich beyond words. He doesn't need the cash.
2. He's a funny guy, who has some talent.
3. Therefore there is no reason for him to do $uch a derivative movie.

It's a kind of cultural imperialism: Invade the sovereign country of a perfectly good movie, rip it of its best assets and sell them off as your own, subtly re-writing history on the way. In 10 years time, will kids know about Sellers at all? I damn well hope so.

Bob C


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