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March 06, 2006


Dana Ames

The consensus of the book group is, "This is a great book!" It has sparked lots of good discussion threads during our Friday meetings.

I've had questions about what Vaux was, why it started and why it ended, and I've tried to give a rough flavor of it- but I'm not sure I can adequately explain it, particularly the part about why it ended. I'm looking forward to your comments.

-or you can think out loud in an e-mail in my general direction...



And I think a sense of that nomadic nakedness and a cognition of my projected self was somehow better formed in me as we chatted about Vaux and the organizational life cycle. Really enjoyed our conversations, and they couldn't have come at a better time as Greg, Clint, Dave and I now find ourselves back in Ventura redeveloping how our community will share life together. I'd love to pick up that book from the 60s you referenced... drop me a line with the title when you get a moment. (and I also just ordered "wall & piece", by the way.)

Anyways, had a great time--thanks for the love. May see you in London in August...


Hey Jared - really good to spend some time together. And looking forward to coming over when I can! Be great to have you over in August...

The book is 'The Neophiliacs' by Christopher Booker. Enjoy.


thanks man. Looking forward to it.

And if you ever do make it out here, I've got a spare bedroom with your name on it. Really. It says "Kester" on it. It's crazy.


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