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March 11, 2006


Graham Doel

From outside the inherited structure it is easier to create time to wait. In many ways you have created your space and your time to grieve and wait.

Within the tradition, there is a need to move on much quicker. The need for the institution to continue creates a pressure to talk up the possibilities and the opportunities.

However, all paradigm shift is difficult, because you think you have got it and then it becomes clear you haven't. It is a bit like whenever you pay attention to what Jesus said and did, it always challenges your perspective and approach to life as a Christian.

Andrew Dowsett

Thanks for this response, Kester. I think your points are very pertinent; but I also appreciate the tone in which you express them. Disappointed you may be; taking to task you might do; but you are generous in response. We are all in this together. Graham has said many thought-provoking and helpful things, and I guess he'd be open to views that challenge his own. I was disappointed by the ungenerous tone of the recently published formal response to the Mission-shaped Church Report; which I thought was a wasted opportunity, when constructive criticism could have been given to develop ideas, instead of resorting to emotive language to dismiss them. Thanks for modelling a better way.

Existential Punk

Kester, THANK you for your kind and informative post. I agree with you that the pomo paradigm has not shifted. I blogged about it here:

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