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January 22, 2006


Geoff Holsclaw


couple of things: first of, great post. On one level i would say the structure of modernity (and it post-) is based in this passion for the new, and that the fundamental fantasy is that there even is something new. I had a professor who said roughly, "modernity is the endless circulation of the same under the illusion of the new". (he might of gotten that from Vattimo).

Also, this sound very much like Jacques Lacan and his idea of the mirror stage in the development of the ego, where we project and 'ideal' ego, our fantasized and complete selves, covering over our inner fragmentation. The moment of the psycho-analytic cure is the 'traversal of the fantasy' which is subjective death. of course, he didn't have any view toward resurrection, but that's what theology is for.

lastly, your warning and hope for the emerging church is apt. Tony Jones was recently at a gathering we host, and he pretty much said that he's trying to do all the things you listed. but it's a lot of work, and people are constantly projecting their fantasies onto church leadership.


"modernity is the endless circulation of the same under the illusion of the new"

That's a great quote. And sound thoughts. You're right that resurrection is the absolute key - it breaks the cycle, and thus provides hope. I'm glad people are reflecting on this stuff... Fantasy projections / idealization of leaders is such a huge problem, and such a major tripwire for new movements. What were Tony Jones' thoughts?


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