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January 05, 2006


Graham Doel

Thanks, I won't hesitate. Its a fascinating read. Its all brewing in my mind at the moment.

Graham Doel

Ok so here are some questions for you, as I promised...

I have however not worked backwards through your blog to check if they have been answered, my apologies about that. I some of my questions are asking for clarification, some are a little frivolous and some are personal observations.

  1. I am intrigued by the story of the development of Vaux which is touched on in the book. It is clear from the Vaux website why the community no longer meets as it once did. I think that reflects a brave and courageous decision. However there is little clue of what you are doing now. With the encouragement of the book to practice the Christian faith in the context of gift giving what does that kind of community look like, what are examples of what you are doing now, to put your preaching into practice.
  2. It struck me that your experience of the so called "Emerging Church" is born out of frustration and subsequently involvement in "Alternative Worship". How long do you think it will be before the Emerging Perspectives become part of the establishment?

  3. Have you ever tried to get a plumber in a hurry?

  4. Throughout the book you talk of "Christ" except when referring directly to Jesus earthly ministry. Is this an intentional reflection of your Christology?

  5. You consistently talk about the "city" though the subtitle is about the urban church. Though I could consistently see your point having lived most of my life in urban environments that are not part of a city, I occasionally felt that your view excluded the places that God has called me too. It looks to me that the subtitle was intended to read "in the city church" and was later edited to "urban" is that true?

  6. The book looks like it is designed to draw the current emerging perspectives from the margins into the centre of the debate about the future of the church in the uk. Is that what you intended?

    My friend "Prioryofzion" asks:

  7. Do we need a desert experience first of all ourselves before we have the ‘power’ to engage with the city? If we do, and that element of spirituality is largely absent from Protestant theologies, are we lacking the means to reflect and struggle and thereby lacking the ability to engage with the urban challenge?

  8. The Da vinci Code in particular has spawned huge levels of debate and interest amongst people of all classes and cultural milieux. What, as churches, should we learn from this cultural phenomenon?

  9. Does Kester give any indication of what he thinks Christ would consider clean which we might (traditionally perhaps) find dirty? In other words, does he pin down a definition of the ‘dirty’? Identifying the ‘dirty’ would certainly, eventually, lead to a theological evaluation which might inevitably lead to a doctrinal one! (My answer is in the comments on the blog, what would you say?).

    Thanks for your time... hey why don't we do a telephone conversation podcast?


Thanks for the questions Graham... I'll get back to you on them shortly! Wife's birthday tomorrow, so might be a few days ;[)

One I can deal straight with... No, never had to call a plumber!

How do we do a tele-cast? Sounds intriguing...

Graham Doel

On the telecast...

I have a widget somewhere for connect the phone line to an audi recorder. I bought it so I could interview people live during the services (great fun).

Presumably I can connect it to the computers line in. Record it and turn it into an MP3.

Hope "Wife" has a good Birthday.

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