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December 21, 2005


Dave Walker

Do you have a Technorati profile page? I couldn't see one, but it might be under a different variation of your web address which might have meant I didn't find it.

Dave Walker

To clarify - I mean a page a bit like this:


Thanks Dave.

Yeah - got one under

That any help?


I have conclusive evidence that technorati is secretly run by a coalition between opus dei and tallskinnykiwi so what can you expect?


That, my friend, is highly controversial, radical... and probably entirely true.

Expect strange 'accidents' on your blog soon. ;-)

Dave Walker

Hmmm. Most odd.

I don't know whether it could be anything to do with the fact that Typepad blogs have two addresses - so in your case
as well as the simpler

I notice Andrew uses the longer version of the address for instance.
is the one listed on


Hmmm... the plot thickens. I've 'claimed' / tagged etc. the longer version as suggested... It comes up with Rank 27000 odd, with 220 links from 67 sites. While the short form comes up 19700 odd, with 291 from 86. All very confusing. Both are identified correctly as having the appropriate tags... but neither come up in the blog finder... and the ever-helpful side-bar keeps offering to add them, to no effect!

It's definitely a Tall Skinny Kiwispiracy.


i see you there - in the top ten

but what happened to right before he bumped me off?

now theres a conspiracy


Now that is weird.... As soon as TSK looks, tis done...
Conspiracy proved me thinks! As for Jordan - come on Andrew, 'bumping him off' in a fit of jealousy is hardly on ;p

Ta - seems the longer url may have done the trick?
Seems obtuse.


So now I'm Top Ten for Emerging Church. And in at No.1 on Dirt.
May be this is telling me something.


didn't u always want to be a chistmas number one?

let's not forget those who are number two.

Jamie Arpin-Ricci

LOL! This is great! I used to be in the top 10, but got bumped. I am hovering at #11. You could bump me up by linking me... (wink). Jordon dropped off because he shifted to a new platform, I think.

Jamie Arpin-Ricci


I'll link if you do!

Jamie Arpin-Ricci



Ditto... Game on!


I tried to claim one of my feeds repeatedly, and emailed them repeatedly. No joy, no response. :-(

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