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December 09, 2005



very cool idea. :]

Mark Berry


thomas mathie

Hey guys... Love the's sweet! Where can I get the T shirt?

Let me know... Love the blog too - keep it up...



Well, the design's are Wilf's, so if you want to make a T-shirt, I guess you can mail him. Follow the 'Ratio Design' link on the 'Nodes'. I believe I am in possession of the sole item thus far. And very dashing it is too!

Howard Jameson

For some reason whenever I try think "emergent beard" I start singing "There was an old man called Michael Fiinigan..."

Martin Anderson

Years ago a friend and I had two simple classifications for Baptist facial adornment: the Full-Baptist beard and the Half-Baptist beard. Seemed to include most people, gents and ladies, and those who didn't even have beards - an attitude thing really.


Quite right Sir. Facial hair is an attitude.
Interesting how the 'Orthodox' is pretty much a WG Grace.
Something very right and proper about that.

bob hyatt

Did me some bloggin on this very subject

My conclusion for Emerging Facial Hair?

The Crowder!

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