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November 10, 2005


Martin Hill

It would be good for a biblical link between gift and fruit to be re-established. The notion of gift has been harnessed by CPR in a way that can be liberating or used to for dominant purpose. I believe that the truly Christian expression of gift in the broad Christian spiritual context is the nature of the giver expressed in fruitful praxis. When the gift is the embodiment of the giver's own substance then the receiver has the potential to bear fruit which is the substance of the giver. Through receiving the gift and growing in the subsance of it the fruit should become that much more accessible. No more keeping the gift to oneself but the sharing of gift among those who will not receive and use and much as those who will. I believe this has something to say in relation to your musing. Martin :-)

Martin Hill

It would be good for you to have a look at the blog on incarnational on too.


i like the idea of this post, its so preciously simple, yet incredibly important. you know, as i read this post, i thought of the movie 'Pay It Forward'; its hollywood, yes, but i think it does a good job of illustrating what you are saying about gift. to be honest, i haven't seen that movie in ages, but i think i am going to have to find it and watch it again, to see what it is to pass the gift on.


I must look that film up... thanks, been meaning to see it for a while.


Nausicaa is another example. Great manga cartoon if u likey that sorta thingy.

Jordans Sneakers

Through the earth, and that is love is the treasure!

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