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October 13, 2005


David Lindsell

I think that comment about gas is an interesting. I'm less worried about 'gas' and 'anarchy' in the church and if I had it my way most of the church would be liquid with room for a bit of gas.

People of the spirit blow like the wind, as the good book says, they don't run like liquid.

But the connectivity of liquid is greater than gas, and gas, when connected and relatively contained is a heady mix, mustard gas had an effect. It didn't disappear into the aether before it had done it's work.

I'm glad things like this keep up connected, and stop us blowing into the aether.

As for solids, history shows us that they always exist. They will always be there floating in the soup, but what can you do. If you can't swim, get ashore.


What I like about liquid/gas/solid is that they can all be fuel or waste, according to environment, treatment or use.


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