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October 27, 2005



I completely agree. I don't know how many times I've had an Epiphany right before or right after sleeping. And another thing, why does "church" have to be in the morning, when everyone is tired?


Quite right. And why can't we have good slug of wine at the beginning to help things along, rather than a little sip at the end?!


I totally agree with this. I have often thought that my brain does a lot of processing while I am asleep and things kind of just come together in a way they had't the day before or I get a good idea about something I am working on. Pays to have paper and pen beside my bed. I asked about this once at a dreams workshop and the person leading it wasn't sure.


Having to get up for an hour at 2AM every morning to burp the baby, I wander downstairs and catch my American and Ozzy friends online... now, not only is my game-play better, but our conversations have been really profound just because I'm more able to see what they mean and respond eloquently...

... maybe one day I'll post here at that time... but I do so like to be incoherent here!!!!


Hey - heard on the vine that you'd popped another - congrats ;-)
Happy burping.
Key question: does the new-born have a cyber-name yet? :p



Solomon, to off-liners.

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