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August 05, 2005



I was wondering who’d blog this first.
You, Jonny or Steve. Sorry Kes, you get this rant.

Less about Bansky as a Trickster. More about what makes Interventions powerful or not.
On the same piece of news there were two very interesting pieces (both relating to injustice) .One Banksy in Palestine the other "the Hiroshima piano piece". One nearly moved me to tears, the other made me really angry. I’ve been trying to work out why.

I think it’s a classic example of how an author can actually undermine his or her own work. About trying to maintain a lightness of touch that transcends the ego and makes a piece of art beautiful. It’s telling that someone actually told Bansky to go home and why the best bit of Grafitti ever, just reads: " Banksy is a toy".


I'd agree with a lot of that - hence the resisting in the first list. Shame I didn't see the whole of the news... I literally happened on that one bulletin before having to get back to the grindstone writing the GB prog. copy.

It would have been far more interesting for the images just to 'appear'... A little someone has since told me who set the whole thing up, and it's quite interesting ;-)

But 'set up' does edge towards heavy touch, and you're spot on - that ain't Trickster's way.


I gotta Trickster nomination.... Brother Roger:
"The pope ... spoke of the ''very sad and terrifying news'' of the violent death of the monk who founded the Taize community in 1940 and made it his life's mission to spread peace and reconciliation among Christians, particularly young people."
The Associated Press WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2005

Read his absolutely mind-blowing life story here:

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