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July 22, 2005


Alan Hirsch

Hi Kester

You have hit the nail on the head. The heart of the problem is a violent and degrading view of the other. In Buber's terms, treating the other as an It, an object, and not as a subject thus dignifying and hallowing the other. And herein lies one essential difference between the Islamic and the Christian faiths. Even in their distorted and caricatured fundamentalist forms, this disparity in the respective views of the Other is evident. Nowhere has Christinaity ever produced suicide bombers--at least as far as I am aware.


Indeed. My American mates on-line don't get me when I question this eye-for-eye malarchy. I guess OT christianity is sooo inbred into their psyche they just don't get it that Jesus faced a Terror-regime with love and ultimately sacrifice and forgiveness. One of my mates says "If not America, then who?" I guess a lot of peeps in Jesus time were asking that of him.
All I know is Karma - if u live by the gun, u die by it. (He says glibly)
i know we werent talkin about America, but they do seem to love hunting for terror.

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