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I teach 3 days a week in Inner London, at the school just across the road from where I live. The rest of the time I divide between looking after my son and writing - on education for various journals / the BBC etc. - on theology for the hell of it - and some fiction in between.

The Complex Christ was commissioned by SPCK and published in August 2004. It argues that the move from a hierarchical, top-down society to a more networked, bottom-up one is mirrored in God's move from the temple-based structures of the Old Testament to the emergent network of the Spirit in the New.

Having made this case, the book then discusses what an 'emergent church' might look like, and looks at the importance of the city, gift theory, dirt and complexity.

Selected Reviews:

"A fantastic piece of work. It's thoughtful, provocative and engaging... Manages to successfully combine a blend of original theological reflection, engagement with the arts and culture, and insights from the science of emergence."
Jonny Baker

"Absolutely fantastic... my only regret is that it took me this long to get to it"
Will Samson

"Rich in ideas, inviting reflection and action, this is a book that draws on the Bible, church history, philosophy, theology, fiction, poetry, art, and disciplines of science and the social sciences. Stimulating, disturbing, poetic and hopeful."
Spirit Exchanges

"This book is significant. Read it."
Steve Collins

"An important and unique book... A momentous achievement."
Rev Ian Mobsby [Moot]

"Packed with stimulating ideas."
Church of England Newspaper

"A dramatically prophetic book about the church, full of insight, imagination and creative theology."
Christianity Magazine